Main factors supporting the development of wall hanging furnace industry

  • Date:2021-01-14 11:19:23
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After years of economic development, China has entered the ranks of medium consumption countries. As a flexible, comfortable, independent, energy-saving and environment-friendly heat source equipment, wall mounted furnace has gradually entered ordinary families. The social foundation and conditions for the development of wall mounted furnace are mature. The future development prospect of wall hanging furnace is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1. The heating mode in northern China has changed from the single social, unit and community welfare centralized heating to the diversified direction. The serious waste of energy and inflexible heating mode have created conditions for household heating. The unified heating mode has become less and less suitable for the development of market economy and society.

2. With the urbanization process and the improvement of living standards and economic conditions, large areas of rural areas, counties and towns in the "Three North" areas (northwest, North and northeast) without central heating will be a potential market.

3. In China's social market economy, individual's free and autonomous behaviors such as housing commercialization, transaction and population mobility need household heating, which is a flexible and autonomous heating form.

4. One of the key factors restricting the development of wall mounted furnace is the gas source conditions. With the completion and improvement of the west to east gas transmission project, Russia's introduction of natural gas project, Sichuan to east gas transmission project, Shaanxi Beijing gas transmission project, new, Gansu Qinghai natural gas pipeline project, Ordos natural gas project and the exploitation and utilization of several natural gas fields, the gas supply status in many areas of China will be greatly improved.

5. In the next three to 10 years, China's technology level and manufacturing capacity of wall hanging furnace will gradually reach or even exceed the European level, and will become the world's wall hanging furnace manufacturing factory like household appliances.

6. Chinese people's living needs and economic conditions have laid a material foundation for the great development of wall mounted stoves. Wall mounted stoves, like household appliances and automobiles, will usher in a prosperous consumption climax in the next few to 10 years. Even the most expensive car for family consumption has a sales volume of more than 9 million vehicles in 2008 under the economic crisis. As a necessary heating and bathing product, it should have a good performance in the future. The market capacity of several million to tens of millions of vehicles per year should be normal.

7. The pursuit of quality of life in China's Yangtze River Basin and large areas of southern China will also favor the wall mounted stove, which can not only wash with large amount of water, but also provide comfortable heating (not as dry as air conditioning heating). According to statistics, more than 10000 households in Hong Kong are using wall mounted stoves, and the number of users in Guangzhou and Shenzhen has also increased greatly in recent years.

There is no doubt that the wall mounted stove is a kind of high-end heat source equipment. At the beginning of its development, it was mainly a modern household heating and bathing product that developed countries in Europe could enjoy. However, in less than 20 years, China has shown its great development potential. As long as a wall mounted stove is installed at home, it can solve the two major problems of daily heating and bathing, and it is a healthy, natural and high-quality way of heating and bathing. There are two core competitiveness of wall mounted furnace.

In terms of heating, as the heat source of family independent heating, the heating efficiency of wall mounted furnace can reach more than 90%, and that of condensing furnace is higher, even 109%, which is far higher than that of coal, oil, electric heating and air conditioning. There is no central heating boiler, pipe and other heat loss and invalid heat loss waste. Wall mounted furnace is a kind of self-control, flexible adjustment of heating mode, when you want to open, how high the temperature, each room to choose a different temperature can be personalized and easy to achieve.

In terms of bathing, wall mounted stove is a very comfortable, constant temperature and large amount of modern bathing form for daily hot water bathing at home. Equivalent to the family bath center, its comfort, improve the quality of life is the general water heater, electric water heater and solar water heater are incomparable. Therefore, the wall hanging furnace industry in China is in the rising period of development, and has a bright future.