How to save gas

  • Date:2021-01-14 11:24:24
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1. What's the amount of gas in a day?

Take a 20kW wall mounted furnace for a 120 square house as an example

Under the premise that the neighbors are heating normally, the top floor and the room are well sealed, and the constant temperature and timing in different periods of time.

If the temperature is constant at 20 ℃, it needs to run intermittently for 6 hours a day, and the air consumption is 8-10 cubic meters a day. If the wall mounted boiler is turned off during the day and turned on again after work in the evening, the cold water will need to be burned again to the set temperature. At this time, the gas consumption will become larger, generally about 12 cubic meters, which will consume 23% more.

2. How to effectively reduce the amount of gas?

A kind of Maintain proper room temperature

When heating in winter, it is most comfortable to keep the room temperature at 18-20. At night, the temperature can be reduced to save energy.

A kind of Set up accurate operation program of wall mounted furnace

During the day when there is no one at home, you can adjust the outlet water temperature of the wall hanging furnace to 40-50 (at this time, the wall hanging furnace is in a low running state, and the overall space temperature in the room is about 16). After work, adjust the heating gear of the wall hanging furnace to the temperature you need, which can effectively save energy and heat the heating faster.

If you go out for more than 3 days, it is recommended to turn off the wall mounted furnace, but please do not disconnect the power supply, it should be in the power on state. Because the wall mounted heater has antifreeze function and is not used for a long time, the temperature of the wall mounted heater will be detected automatically. When the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the water pump will rotate automatically, so that the cold water in the radiator will not freeze.

be careful! When someone at home uses it, the water temperature should not exceed 65. If the temperature is set too high, it will cause waste of gas and scale easily.

A kind of Turn down the valve of uninhabited room

In the case of a large number of rooms and a small population, the radiator valve can be turned down or even closed in the room with no people or low frequency of use, which can save gas and achieve the purpose of energy saving.

A kind of Regular cleaning and maintenance

Like cars, gas wall mounted boilers need regular maintenance. After being used for a long time, it will produce certain scale, which not only increases the energy loss, but also shortens the service life (the national waste life is 8 years). Regular cleaning and maintenance can save 25% energy and prolong the service life. The cleaning time is usually 2-3 years.

A kind of Heat preservation of houses

If the house is not well insulated, a large amount of indoor heat will be lost to the outside through thermal convection, and a large amount of outdoor cold air will flow into the room, and the wall boiler will continue to heat, so the gas consumption will naturally increase. If double glass is installed on the windows and curtains are added on the doors and windows, natural gas consumption and cost can be saved.

3. Gas saving method for daily use

In addition, the use of domestic gas stoves should also pay attention to the use of natural gas, cost savings. For example:

A kind of When cooking, the flame should not be too big. The temperature of the outer flame of natural gas is the highest, and the flame distribution area should be adjusted to be level with the bottom of the pot;

A kind of When cooking, the food should be prepared in advance to avoid burning empty stove;

A kind of It's better not to steam rice, but to stew rice;

A kind of Pay attention to keep the bottom of the pot clean to achieve the purpose of solar term;

A kind of Clean the stoves frequently and check the gas facilities, pipelines and rubber pipes regularly to prevent the danger and waste caused by leakage.