Which of the advantages and disadvantages of electric water heater and gas water heater is more practical

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  Main technical parameters:

  Detailed introduction

  Electric water heater

  Electric water heaters are divided into water storage type and instant heating type (also known as fast type).

  1. Water storage electric water heater

  The water storage capacity can be divided into 30L, 40L, 50L, 60L, 80L, 90L and 100L.


  The utility model has the advantages of simple installation and convenient use, and is not affected by the air pressure difference of natural gas floors. It is the first choice of more and more users.


  Large volume, occupying space; Warm up in advance before taking a bath, and the waiting time is relatively long; It is easy to grow scale and needs to be descaled once a year.

  2. Instant electric water heater:

  Advantages: fast hot water output, only 3 seconds; The amount of hot water is not limited, and the water can be supplied continuously; Small size and exquisite appearance; Convenient installation and use; How much hot water, how much electricity, less energy consumption.

  Disadvantages: high power, need to reserve at least 4 square wires.

  Heating system is the key to the safe and efficient performance of instant electric water heater. Leakage is the key to solve the core heating technology of thermoelectric water heater. The anti electric wall, the safety detection of line control system, leakage protection function and external leakage protection switch also play a certain role, but more is to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause. The requirement of modern people for the safety of household appliances is to be 100% safe at home, so how to solve the safety problems such as water leakage, electric leakage, scale and dry burning of instant heating system has become the top priority in the electric water heater industry.

  Classification of thermoelectric water heaters

  Namely, the thermoelectric water heater can be divided into: multi gear instant electric water heater, constant temperature instant electric water heater, small kitchen treasure, instant electric hand washing treasure, instant solar companion, faucet electric heater and other types.

  1. Multi gear instantaneous electric water heater

  The heating power is adjusted by multiple gear adjustment, that is, the thermoelectric water heater is generally 7 gears, the small kitchen treasure is generally 3 gears, and the hand washing treasure and electric faucet are generally 1 to 2 gears.

  2. Constant temperature instant electric water heater

  Constant temperature instant electric water heater refers to an electric water heater that can keep the outlet water temperature basically constant with the temperature set by the user when the inlet water flow, inlet water temperature and power supply voltage are changed.

  3. Instant solar energy companion

  Instant solar energy companion is a kind of instant hot water device assisted by solar water heater. It is suitable for hot water bathing and washing in places where various solar energy, air energy, heating, electric heating and other water heaters are used, or used alone as kitchen water heater. In solar energy, air energy and other water heaters, when the hot water temperature cannot reach the temperature required by people due to weather, season, water quality and other reasons, auxiliary heating is carried out to make the use of hot water more convenient and fast, so as to realize energy conservation and emission reduction in the real sense.

  4. Quick heating electric water heater

  Advantages: fast hot water outlet speed and large amount of hot water. It is a transitional product from water storage electric water heater to instant electric water heater. It combines the advantages of both. The waiting time is not as long as that of water storage water heater. It is generally about 15 minutes, and there is no need to reserve 4 square wires. The fast heating electric water heater is generally between 3 ~ 5 kW, and 2.5 wires are enough.

  Disadvantages: warm up 15 minutes before taking a bath.

  5. Gas water heater

  According to the types of gas used, it is divided into: artificial gas water heater, natural gas water heater and liquefied petroleum gas water heater;

  According to the control mode, it can be divided into: front system water heater and rear system water heater;

  It can be divided into direct exhaust type, flue type, forced exhaust type, balanced type and condensing type according to the mode of air supply and exhaust;

  According to the installation position, it can be divided into indoor installation type and outdoor installation type.

  Due to the actual situation and usage habits in China, gas water heater is still the first choice of many consumers. The safety of gas water heater is also the most concerned problem. The State prohibits the production and sales of direct discharge gas water heater. Whether the toxic gas can be discharged in time has become the key to the safety of gas water heater. From the development situation of European and American countries, forced air supply and exhaust is the inevitable trend of the development of gas water heater.



  High thermal efficiency, fast heating speed, stable temperature regulation, can be used continuously by many people, and has a group of fixed consumers. In winter, hot water can be supplied at any time in the kitchen, which is convenient; The water temperature is constant and the purchase cost is cheap. For ordinary families, 8-liter machines are enough;


  Users are afraid of gas poisoning; For the forced smoke exhaust water heater, the user cannot adjust the water temperature at any time during the bathing process, and must adjust the temperature before entering the bathroom; Natural gas prices have been rising; In order to discharge the waste gas, complex gas pipelines should be installed.

  6. Solar water heater

  Solar water heater is a water heater assembled with vacuum collector tube. It can produce hot water when there is light. It can be widely used for domestic and industrial hot water. It is characterized by high heat collection efficiency (average daily efficiency ≥ 0.46), safety, cleanliness, energy saving, good thermal insulation performance, annual use, long service life, etc. Specifications include 12 branch pipes, 15 branch pipes, 18 branch pipes, 21 branch pipes, 24 branch pipes, etc. According to the installation method, it can be divided into roof solar water heater and balcony solar water heater; According to the pressure of the water tank, it can be divided into pressure solar water heater and non pressure solar water heater.