Where should the gas wall mounted furnace be cleaned?

  • Date:2021-01-14 11:32:29
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The use of wall mounted furnace in winter can be said to work day and night, bringing us warmth. Working continuously for several months, the wall hanging furnace needs to be maintained. As long as the wall hanging furnace is properly maintained, the service life of the wall hanging furnace can be extended. After the heating period, where does the wall hanging furnace need to be cleaned? Now let's understand which parts of the wall hanging furnace are main in winter, which need our maintenance and cleaning!

There are several parts in the wall hanging furnace that work continuously: fan, water pump, proportional valve, controller, heat exchanger and burner. These are the main and important parts.

The fan of the wall mounted furnace is a very important component, and it works for a long time in winter. The fan needs to exhaust the internal waste gas to the outside, and pump the external fresh air into the combustion chamber through the negative pressure for combustion. The fan keeps circulating. The dust and sand in the external air will also stick to the impeller of the fan, increasing the load of the fan, and even burning the fan. Therefore, we should clean the dust on the impeller to reduce the load of the impeller and prolong the service life of the fan.

The water pump of the wall mounted boiler is the longest working part, so we should pay attention to the blocking of the water pump. We should always power on the water pump to enable the wall mounted boiler to start the anti blocking function.

The burner and the main heat exchanger of the wall mounted furnace are also parts that contact with the external dust. Many users are not familiar with these accessories of the wall mounted furnace. After the fan draws the external fresh air containing dust into the combustion chamber for combustion, the dust and heat will pass through the main heat exchanger, the heat will be absorbed by the heat exchanger, and the dust will stick to the heat exchanger, so we need to clean these parts 。

We also need to pay attention to the fact that cleaning the wall mounted stove is not to take water to clean, but to remove the dust on it with a brush. Therefore, we should pay attention to these details, and do not let the fan coil water and burn.