Is the higher the price of gas wall mounted boiler, the better?

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Is the higher the price of gas wall mounted boiler, the better?

At the end of each year, many families begin to use heating, but most families do not know how to clean and maintain the heating equipment, so as to ensure the normal heating and prolong the service life of the equipment in this winter. Today, I'd like to share some tips with you

1、 It's best to keep it full of water

Whether it's a central heating system or an independent heating system of a family wall mounted furnace, whether it's a steel radiator, cast iron radiator or copper aluminum composite radiator, it's best to maintain it full of water. Full water maintenance can isolate oxygen, reduce oxygen content in water, prevent oxygen corrosion and prolong the service life of radiator.

2、 Check for water leakage after shutdown

After the heating is stopped, the temperature of the heating equipment decreases. Due to the phenomenon of heat expansion and cold contraction, it may cause water leakage at the joints and valves of the pipeline. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully check whether there is water leakage at the interface after the heating is stopped. If there is a slight water leakage, a towel can be tied. The towel will suck the water away and will not harm the floor and wall in a short time. If the leakage is serious, contact the heating company for repair as soon as possible.

3、 Replace the old radiator in time

For the radiator which is still in use in heating season, such as not hot, water seepage at weld or joint, serious surface deformation, old style, etc., we should find the radiator professional installation personnel for inspection and maintenance. If necessary, we can replace a new set of radiator as soon as possible. It is suggested that the radiator which is used beyond the time limit and which is not energy-saving and environmental protection should be replaced in time during the warm-up period. When replacing, the radiator with high safety, energy saving and environmental protection and long service life should be selected.

Radiator cleaning method:

After a heating period, the gap and surface of the radiator will accumulate dust, get stained with oil, and become unsanitary, so it is necessary to clean and sweep the radiator. When cleaning the radiator surface, please use a soft towel or brush, do not use any kind of organic solution, you can use daily detergent, weak alkaline soapy water, etc.

4、 Floor heating equipment should be cleaned in time

Because of its convenience, beauty and other characteristics, geothermal heating has become a choice for many families. After stopping heating, the floor heating equipment needs to be overhauled in all aspects. The water in the floor heating pipe circulates for a long time. There are a lot of microorganisms in the water. Under certain conditions, a lot of biological mud will be produced. There will be a lot of biological mud, bacteria and scale on the inner wall of the pipe. After a long time, the heating temperature of the floor heating system will be affected. In serious cases, it will be blocked. Therefore, it is best to thoroughly clean the floor heating pipe after the heating is stopped, and thoroughly remove the dirt, impurities and bacteria formed in the pipe in time. In order to prevent the formation of deposits in the pipeline, causing pipeline embolism.

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