Characteristics and advantages of gas wall mounted furnace

  • Date:2021-01-14 11:45:55
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Gas fired heating water heater has the dual functions of heating and domestic hot water supply, which can easily realize the comfortable demand of floor heating or radiator heating, and the domestic hot water supply can be constant according to the demand.

Gas fired heating water heater has the following advantages in use:

Compact - gas wall mounted furnace is highly integrated, compact in structure, and easy to install in small and medium-sized houses with limited indoor space.

Intelligent gas wall mounted furnace combined with intelligent control system can be used conveniently, intelligently and humanely.

Safety - gas wall mounted furnace is usually equipped with a variety of safety protection devices, with 100% security.

Energy saving - the combustion mode of gas-fired wall mounted furnace determines its high combustion efficiency, which is usually more than 90%.

Environmental protection - full combustion of gas-fired wall mounted furnace can ensure lower emissions, and high-quality products can meet or exceed EU standards.

Household to household heating, a wall mounted furnace in each household can flexibly adjust the heating temperature according to the needs of the residents, so as to avoid the situation that the central heating can not be heated due to the low occupancy rate, and provide heating guarantee for the residents. Charging according to the gas consumption of each household can avoid the irrationality of charging according to the building area of most central heating systems, and can really achieve the unity of comfort and economy.