Cold wave is coming! Antifreezing guide for wall mounted furnace in winter

  • Date:2021-01-11 09:45:56
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Towards the end of the year

My friends are ready to start the new year

The winter of 2020 has finally revealed a bit of its true colors

The cold wave is coming

Dress more when you go out

Keeping warm is the most important thing

"Antifreezing measures" should also be taken for the wall mounted furnace at home

How to give you a fulcrum

Why freeze protection for wall mounted furnaces?

Due to the existence of water in the wall hanging furnace and heating system, when the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the water will condense into ice, resulting in the freezing of the wall hanging furnace and heating system. Thus, the normal operation of the wall hanging furnace is affected and high maintenance costs are incurred. Therefore, it is very important to protect the wall hanging furnace from freezing!

When the water temperature is lower than 8 ℃, the antifreeze mode will be started automatically, but the antifreeze mode needs to meet the following conditions: * the wall hanging furnace must be in the state of water, electricity and ventilation; * ensure that the water pressure of the wall hanging furnace is normal, generally 1 ~ 1.5bar; * open the heating mode, and set the heating outlet water temperature above 40 ℃;

02 if the water in the heating system needs to be drained if the wall mounted boiler is not used for a long time, and if the home is uninhabited or on business for a long time, the user needs to drain the water in the wall mounted boiler and the heating system pipe, and close the tap water inlet valve of the wall mounted boiler. In this way, not only can the waste of water, electricity and gas be avoided, but also the wall mounted boiler need not be frozen.

03 don't turn off the wall hanging furnace when you go out for a short time. Don't turn off the wall hanging furnace when you go to work during the day. Just adjust the temperature to the lowest level. Many office workers are used to going out to close the wall mounted furnace to achieve the effect of energy saving, which not only does not save energy, but also wastes more gas and increases the user's freezing time, and also leads to the risk of wall mounted furnace parts freezing.

It is suggested that the wall mounted furnace should be installed under the standard atmospheric pressure of indoor environment, and the water will solidify and expand at 0 ℃. At this time, the main components of the wall mounted furnace, such as the main heat exchanger and hydraulic components (such as water pump), will be damaged by freezing. Therefore, it is suggested that the wall mounted furnace should be installed on the balcony of the ventilation place, and the pipeline should be well insulated and kept electrified. To ensure the normal use of antifreeze mode.