Is the higher the price of gas wall mounted boiler, the better?

  • Date:2021-01-11 09:48:43
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The wall hanging furnace is a kind of gas heating equipment. In many areas of northern China, the wall hanging furnace has been widely used for heating, but the past central heating is in danger of being replaced. Users accept the wall hanging furnace heating at the same time, also understand the wall hanging furnace changes.

The earliest brand of wall hanging furnace entering Chinese market is European wall hanging furnace, but the fastest developing brand is Korean wall hanging furnace. Now the most popular brand in Chinese market is domestic wall hanging furnace. Of course, the emergence of domestic wall hanging furnace makes the price of imported wall hanging furnace fall a lot, especially the price of Korean wall hanging furnace.

The price of wall hanging furnace has dropped sharply. There is still a big gap between the price of domestic brand wall hanging furnace and that of imported one. In particular, the price of European wall hanging furnace. We often say that one price is one cent. Is that true?

Other products can't be evaluated. For the wall hanging furnace, there is still a saying about the price. The price of domestic wall hanging furnace is low, and it is produced in China, and all kinds of costs are relatively low. While the imported wall hanging furnace has to be brought to China from abroad, there are tariffs, and there are many layers of price increases, so the price should be much higher.

The price of the wall hanging furnace is not high, it is a good product. The setting of the wall hanging furnace is complex, the safety protection is up to more than 20, the fault is very frequent, and the use is complex. Therefore, there are more after-sales services for wall mounted stoves. We say that the price is high. The good reason is that there are more profits to provide better service to users. Products with low prices have no profits, and of course the service can't keep up. We must not say that the price of wall mounted furnace is high and the quality is good, which is not necessarily.