What factors affect the service life of wall mounted furnace?

  • Date:2021-07-10 12:10:19
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  Wall mounted furnace is a heating method used by many families now. It combines family heating with hot water supply to meet people's living needs. It is simple and comfortable to use, but the service life of wall mounted furnace is also a problem that we can't ignore. What factors affect the service life of wall mounted furnace?

  The service life of conventional wall mounted furnace is generally 10 ~ 15 years. The service life of wall mounted furnace is related to water quality and maintenance, as well as our daily operation habits. But mainly in the following aspects.

  Wall hanging furnace

  1、 Water quality problems.

  When the heating temperature of wall mounted furnace is too high, calcium, magnesium and iron in tap water will quickly combine with carbonate and silicate in water to form scale, which will lead to poor heating effect, poor water flow or blockage, and increase energy consumption. When the water flow is not smooth, the wall mounted furnace is prone to failure, which will shorten the service life of the wall mounted furnace.

  2、 Maintenance of water system

  After the heating season, pay attention to the replacement of water in the wall mounted boiler and the cleaning of the water tank, but do not replace water frequently, which will do some harm to the system. At the same time, the heating system should be in the state of water for a long time, otherwise it will accelerate the oxidation and corrosion of the heating system and affect the heating system.

  3、 Air source problem

  The gas source of gas wall mounted furnace is mainly natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and artificial gas. Natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas are relatively pure. There are many impurities in artificial gas, and the composition is not very stable, which is easy to cause blockage; Impurities and dust in the air enter the furnace and form some deposits. Long term non cleaning will affect the normal operation of the furnace, and in serious cases, noise and failure will occur; When impurities enter the gas valve with the gas, they will also affect the gas valve and nozzle, block the nozzle and affect the efficiency of normal combustion. These will seriously affect the service life of wall mounted furnace.

  4、 Personal use problems

  The normal operation and use of domestic gas wall mounted furnace is very important. We should install and use it according to the instructions. When there is a fault, we should find professional maintenance personnel to repair the equipment instead of self repair.