Is it necessary to add system protective agent to condensing wall mounted furnace?

  • Date:2021-04-14 12:06:46
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  Condensing wall mounted furnace has been loved by more and more users in recent years. The performance of energy saving and environmental protection conforms to the current consumption concept and has become a dark horse of wall mounted furnace products. However, for most users, it is still unclear whether to add system protective agent to the condensing wall mounted furnace. Is it necessary? The answer is very necessary.

  Like the standard wall mounted boiler, as the whole heating system composed of heating source and heat dissipation system pipeline, the calcium and magnesium ions in the tap water in the pipeline system will produce a large amount of scale after heating, and the metal parts such as wall mounted boiler, pipeline and joint along the waterway will also be rusted and corroded. These scale, rust and other impurities will be attached to the condensation wall mounted boiler for a long time, It will lead to the reduction of thermal efficiency and the blockage of pipes or parts. In serious cases, it will even cause perforation and water leakage due to uneven heating of metal parts, resulting in safety accidents and economic losses.

  The time of condensing wall hanging furnace in the market is relatively short. Generally speaking, the product is in the situation of coexistence of R & D and practice. There are still many problems and areas that need to be improved. Therefore, in order to better protect the main heat exchanger of condensing wall mounted boiler, all manufacturers and technical R & D personnel require adding protective agent in the heating system, which is not only necessary but also necessary.

  The system protective agent protects the key parts of the condensing wall hanging furnace to a certain extent, ensures the normal operation of the wall hanging furnace and prolongs the service life of the wall hanging furnace. Therefore, the condensing wall hanging furnace needs to add system protective agent.