What are the maintenance skills of condensing wall mounted furnace?

  • Date:2021-05-06 12:08:02
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  Compared with the traditional wall hanging furnace, the condensing wall hanging furnace is more energy-saving and environmental friendly, and has higher requirements in repair and maintenance than the traditional wall hanging furnace. The maintenance methods of the traditional wall hung furnace are not all applicable to the condensing wall hung furnace, so what special points should be paid attention to in the maintenance of the condensing wall hung furnace compared with the ordinary wall hung furnace?

  First of all, pay attention to the cleaning of the main heat exchanger of the condensing wall hanging furnace. The main heat exchanger of the general condensing wall hanging furnace mainly includes stainless steel heat exchanger and cast silicon aluminum heat exchanger. The cleaning methods of the two main heat exchangers are also different. To clean the stainless steel heat exchanger, first remove the combustion components, check whether the exchanger is blocked, block the rear partition of the combustion chamber with a waterproof plate, clean the particles with a vacuum cleaner, and then brush with a brush. If you can't do it after completing the above steps, you can use detergent for treatment. The cast silicon aluminum heat exchanger needs to remove the combustion components and condensate collecting elbow, check the adhesion of sinter on the upper and lower surfaces of the main heat exchanger, and then clean it.

  The second is the cleaning of condensate trap. The deposition of impurities in the condensate trap will lead to ignition problems and frequent fault shutdown. Therefore, cleaning should also be paid attention to. For cleaning, remove the condensate collecting elbow from the condensate drain of the main heat exchanger, then clean it, inject tap water into the elbow, and then install it back to the machine.

  The third is the cleaning of system accessories of condensing wall mounted furnace. First, close the gas valve in front of the gas filter, open the sealing cover of the gas filter, clean the internal filter screen, check the sealing ring, and check after installation to complete the cleaning of the gas filter. After that, stop the boiler water pump, close the inlet and outlet valves of the magnetic eddy current filter, remove the magnet, open the discharge outlet, and then clean to complete the cleaning of the magnetic return water filter.

  Finally, the combustion condition of condensing wall mounted furnace is detected. Before the test, use soapy water to detect the leakage of the gas joints inside and outside the machine to prevent the occurrence of gas leakage accidents, then start the machine for operation, and use the flue gas analyzer to detect in the system.

  The above four points are the differences between the condensing wall hanging furnace and the ordinary wall hanging furnace in maintenance, but we should remember that the cleaning steps of the ordinary wall hanging furnace are also indispensable for the condensing wall hanging furnace, and the above four points are just supplements.