How to save the use of wall mounted furnace without exceeding the standard

  • Date:2021-09-22 12:11:58
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  Wall mounted stove can not only provide comfortable heating in winter, but also provide domestic hot water and bathing needs. One machine dual-use is loved by more and more families. So, how much is the temperature of the wall mounted furnace appropriate? The temperature setting of wall mounted boiler is divided into domestic hot water and heating. The setting of temperature is related to the comfort and use cost of the family. Therefore, when using wall mounted furnace, it should be set according to different conditions.

  Domestic hot water temperature: it should be set at 40 ℃ in summer. The basic water temperature is colder in winter, and people have higher requirements for hot water than in summer. Therefore, the temperature can be adjusted appropriately and set at about 45 ℃.

  If the shower room is far from the wall mounted stove, it can also be raised. Note: it is not recommended to set the temperature too high, because the water pipes at home are made of PPR material. Too high temperature will have a certain impact on the service life of the water pipe. If the water pipe quality is poor, the pipe explosion may also occur.

  Secondly, when the water temperature exceeds 60 ℃, the hanging fireplace will continue to work under overload, which will directly affect the service life and increase the possibility of internal scaling. Scaling will also affect the heat transfer efficiency of the equipment. How to use wall mounted furnace can save cost

  1. If you are not at home at work, you can adjust the fireplace to low temperature operation, and then adjust the temperature after you go home.

  2. Many people are used to it. In fact, it's unscientific to turn off the wall mounted stove when you go out and turn it on when you go home. After the room cools for 9 hours, the temperature will become very low. If you want to reach the set temperature again, you need to add fuel to the fire and need more gas, so it is not so energy-saving.

  3. When the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the controller can automatically stop operation. Before going to bed at night, adjust the temperature to 2-3 ℃ lower than that during the day, which is also conducive to energy conservation.

  When choosing the wall mounted furnace, whether it is safe or energy-saving, it is recommended to choose famous brand products with thermal efficiency of more than 90%, and it is much cheaper to spend more money in advance than later. Do not start the wall mounted furnace frequently, because the gas consumption is the largest at the moment of start-up, and multiple starts will certainly consume a lot of energy.