What safety problems should be paid attention to in the installation of gas water heater

  • Date:2021-10-02 16:06:35
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  Gas water heater, also known as gas water heater, refers to a gas appliance that uses gas as a gas water heater to transfer heat to the flowing cold water exchanger through gas heating, so as to achieve the purpose of preparing hot water.

  Gas water heater is mainly composed of valve body assembly, main burner, small fire burner, heat exchanger, safety device, etc., as well as flue water heater and strong smoke exhaust water heater.

  The valve body assembly controls the operation of the water heater, including water valve, air valve, microswitch and igniter.

  When installing the water heater, valves shall be installed on the inlet pipe, outlet pipe and gas pipe.

  So, what safety problems should be paid attention to in the installation of gas water heater

  1. Direct discharge type refers to that the air required for the operation of gas water heater is removed from the room, and the discharged waste gas is also directly discharged indoors. Due to the poor safety performance of this water heater, the relevant state departments have banned the sale.

  2. When purchasing the gas of water heater, first determine the type of gas to be used and purchase according to the type of gas; We should also consider the performance of the water heater, whether the safety device of the water heater is reliable, and whether it has safety protection devices such as accidental flameout, regular shutdown, overpressure, anti freezing and so on; The forced exhaust water heater shall also consider whether it is equipped with leakage protection device, etc.

  3. The installation of gas-fired water heater must be approved by the gas company and installed by qualified professionals. It is not allowed to hire non professionals to install it at will. At the same time, it must be installed correctly in strict accordance with the instructions of cold water inlet, air inlet and hot water outlet on the water heater interface, and shall not be careless to ensure safety.

  4. The location of gas water heater shall be selected, and shall not be installed in places such as curtains, furniture, gasoline, kerosene and other combustible agents, volatile agents, adhesives, etc. The installation position must be free of any shielding and should be located where the flue can be installed and the flue can extend out of the air.

  5. The area of the installation room, the flue and strong smoke exhaust water heater can be installed in the bathroom for effective smoke exhaust. The volume of the toilet shall be greater than 7.5 cubic meters and the height of the room shall be greater than 24 meters.

  6. When using the gas water heater in accordance with the instructions, it is necessary to operate in strict accordance with the requirements of the product instructions. If any abnormality is found in the use process, call a professional in time for help.