How to choose gas water heater? What are the main indicators for choosing gas water heater

  • Date:2021-12-22 16:08:58
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  because the gas water heater is in line with the rules in terms of safety and comfort, the gas water heater has been recognized by more and more friends. And the number of people who choose gas-fired water heaters in their families feels more and more. But many of our friends don't know which standards to refer to and how to choose when choosing gas water heaters.

  what are the main indicators for selecting gas water heaters? Say the conclusion first! Look at these indicators:

  first: exhaust mode and liter selection of gas water heater

  second: do you want to choose antifreeze

  third: look at the temperature control method

  fourth: see if you need zero cold water function

  fifth: brand, heat exchanger material, fan position, control mode and safety protection measures

  sixth: sufficiency of gas combustion

  seventh: air tightness of gas water heater

  Part VIII: electrical safety performance of gas water heater

  the first exhaust mode mostly adopts forced exhaust type, which is not recommended for condensing type and balanced type. It can be said otherwise under special circumstances. The selection of liters should be judged according to their own area, use scenario configuration, one kitchen and one bathroom or two kitchen, the actual number of water points, the distance of the farthest water point, etc. here are direct suggestions: it is recommended that one kitchen and one bathroom in the south, with 12 as the bottom and 13 as the best. North 14 is the best. One kitchen and two bathrooms, 14 in the south is the best, and 16 in the duplex building in the north is also the best.

  second, choose whether to use the antifreeze function according to the South or north of your area. For example, many Wanjiale Wanhe models are not antifreeze. If you don't pay attention to buying but live in the north, what can you do in winter.

  at present, there are three mainstream temperature control methods. Only gas proportional valve, ordinary water and gas dual regulation, and water and gas dual regulation of water control by water volume server are getting better and better. If the high-rise water pressure is unstable and more water is used, the water selection server can better ensure the constant temperature.

  the fourth one is whether to use zero cold water. It is suggested that if there is no reserved return pipe and the bathroom is close to the kitchen, it can not be installed, which is of little significance.

  the fifth brand: the heat exchanger is made of oxygen free copper (or phosphorus deoxidized copper). The fan position can be up and down, and the lower position is better. The control mode, keys, touch, voice and smart app depend on personal preferences. The security settings are very complete, so there is no need to worry.

  the sixth point I think is the sufficiency of gas combustion: in fact, it is the content of carbon monoxide in the flue gas after the combustion of gas water heater. Because we all know that carbon monoxide is highly toxic and is not easy to detect after poisoning. Therefore, I think we should first pay attention to the content of carbon monoxide in oxygen in gas water heater. This point has strict requirements for this project in our national standards. The specific provisions are that whether it is flue gas water heater or forced exhaust gas water heater, the volume percentage of carbon monoxide concentration in dry flue gas shall not exceed 0.05%. In addition, the balanced gas water heater shall not exceed 0.14%.

  the seventh point is the air tightness of the gas water heater: because the energy used by the gas water heater is gas, gas leakage is absolutely not allowed. No gas leakage is allowed for the gas water heater, either when it is working or when it stops working, because any small gas leakage may explode in the case of open fire and spark lamp. Therefore, in this item, there are also clear requirements in the national standards. It is specified according to the leakage of each section of access. The first valve should be less than 0.07 seconds per hour, and the gas leakage of other valves should be less than 0.55 liters per hour. In addition, no leakage is allowed from the gas inlet to the gas and hole. If it does not meet the above standards, it will be unqualified products.

  I think the eighth point should be the electrical safety performance of gas-fired water heaters: Although the energy of gas-fired water heaters is natural gas, most gas-fired water heaters also need to use AC for ignition. Moreover, the use environment of gas water heater is basically humidity, and the circuit has requirements for humidity and temperature. Therefore, its electrical safety requirements are also very strict. This can also be found in the national standard, that is, the gas water heater is required to have anti electric shock measures. The gas water heater shall have a small grounding resistance, and the grounding resistance value shall not be greater than 0.1 ohm. The leakage current value shall not be greater than 0.75 ma.

  roughly speaking, how to choose a suitable one depends on the personal home use situation, budget and functional requirements. If you don't understand, you can leave a message or exchange private messages.