Using wall-hung boilers in this way during the heating season is warm and saves gas.

  • Date:2021-02-22 12:04:36
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  The arrival of autumn also means the coming of the heating season. As a winter heating source, gas boiler can not only realize home heating smartly, but also provide large-flow domestic hot water to meet daily needs, to penetrated into the lives of families. So how to use wall-hung boilers to save more gas?

  1- Switch operation mode

  Squirrel boiler has winter and summer modes for choice. Before winter, we only need to turn on the domestic hot water function. When the heating season arrives, we will switch the boiler to the winter heating mode, and switch the wall-hung boiler operation mode according to seasonal needs, which is more energy-efficient.

  2- Eliminate safety hazards

  Regarding the safety of boiler, we must take it seriously, and carefully check whether the water pressure is within the normal range (standard water pressure 0.5-1.5bar) before heating. When the wall-hung boiler is running, the temperature of the heating pipe, hot water outlet pipe, and smoke pipe at the bottom is relatively high. It is strictly forbidden to touch them to avoid scalding. It is necessary to ensure that the smoke pipe of the wall-hung boiler is smoothly sucked and exhausted, and is directly connected to the outdoors to avoid safety hazards.

  3-Use boiler in a reasonable way

  Do not turn off the boiler during the day when there is no one at home, you can adjust the temperature to the lowest. If the boiler is turned off, there will be a large temperature difference between the room temperature and the set temperature of the boiler, which requires sometime to run on a large fire. This will not save energy, but will waste more gas and increase costs.

  4-Do a good job of antifreeze

  Because the temperature in some cold area is low and it is easy to freeze the boiler, it is necessary to maintain the connection of water, electricity and gas during the operation of the boiler, and at the same time, protect the radiator and boiler water pump from being frozen.