Two development trends of gas wall mounted furnace Market

  • Date:2021-01-14 11:25:38
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In view of the current development trend of heating market, there will be two development trends in China's gas wall mounted furnace Market in the future. One is that the low-end market will expand rapidly; the other is that the sales volume of condensing gas wall mounted furnace products in the high-end market will rise rapidly. In terms of market share, with the acceleration of urbanization and the construction of affordable housing, the market share of the third and fourth tier cities and affordable housing will increase.

With the increasing share of hardbound house in the real estate market, gas-fired heating and water heater enterprises will be more involved in it in the future. However, due to the huge demand for comfortable home system, some very large system integrators are likely to appear in the future. In terms of products and technology, more gas wall mounted furnace enterprises will change from simply selling products to focusing on selling the whole system integration and the whole solution. The application of the whole scheme of condensation technology will gradually increase. The biggest advantage of system integration is that it can greatly improve the system operation efficiency. At present, this scheme has been widely popularized in Europe, and there are many in China Enterprises are involved in the field of system integration.

In addition, gas-fired heating water heaters can also get involved in the central heating market. We can build a boiler room at the bottom of each individual residential building. Four to five condensing gas-fired heating water heaters can be connected in parallel or in series to meet the heating demand of the whole building. There are successful examples for reference in Europe.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the future home furnishing industry will show an obvious intelligent trend, as well as in the control of gas wall mounted furnace heating system. At present, some foreign brands have successfully used the remote control system in the actual installation, which can realize the parallel connection between the user's gas heating water heater equipment and the manufacturer's after-sales service center, and realize the remote control Put it into the manufacturer's after-sales service system. In this way, manufacturers do not need to visit, in their own after-sales service system can see the overall operation of the user's gas wall furnace.