Five misunderstandings in the use of wall mounted furnace

  • Date:2021-06-17 12:08:57
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  The wall mounted stove integrates household heating and hot water supply. It is simply a small sun in winter. It is as warm as spring. Now many families have installed the wall mounted stove. However, if your wall mounted furnace is used incorrectly, it will not only waste money, but also damage and reduce its service life. Zhongshan wall hanging furnace Yushun thermal energy will tell you about the wrong use of wall hanging furnace, so that you don't step on thunder!

  Frequent switching, thought to save money

  When many people use the wall mounted furnace for a long time, they are used to closing the wall mounted furnace during the day. It's not good to adjust to the highest grade when necessary at night. It's easy to damage the wall mounted stove and radiator by heating quickly.

  Open windows during operation

  Maintaining the ventilation of the air in the home is of great benefit to people's health, but many people still keep the windows open for a long time when the wall mounted furnace is operating, which will lead to the loss of more gas in the wall mounted furnace.

  The heating mode starts all year round

  The household wall mounted boiler mainly has two modes: heating mode and domestic hot water mode. Users can adjust the heating mode and domestic hot water mode according to their own needs and actively switch. In summer, the gas wall mounted boiler is generally in standby mode. Only when domestic hot water is used can it enter the domestic hot water mode for operation. This is the maintenance of the wall mounted boiler.

  The wall mounted furnace is not cleaned and maintained

  Cleaning and maintenance of wall mounted furnace can improve the working efficiency of wall mounted furnace. After maintenance, the probability of machine failure will be greatly reduced. It is an effective protection for wall mounted furnace and can also prolong the service life of wall mounted furnace.

  The installation position of wall mounted furnace is not suitable

  The installation of wall mounted stove should choose a ventilated place, not in the bedroom, living room, bathroom and other places. At the same time, it should avoid places with strong electromagnetic radiation such as induction cooker and microwave oven. Do not place inflammable and explosive articles around the wall mounted furnace, which is easy to cause fire and safety problems.