Maintenance method of wall mounted furnace

  • Date:2021-08-18 12:11:04
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  With the increasing demand for the quality of life and the enhancement of the concept of environmental protection, many families use wall mounted furnaces for heating. However, if the wall mounted furnace is not used and maintained properly, various problems will easily occur. The wall mounted furnace needs to be cleaned up after being used for a period of time, so that it can be used for a longer time!

  So what is the problem with the wall mounted furnace that needs to be cleaned up?

  When your wall mounted boiler is used continuously for more than two heating seasons, the gas consumption per unit time and temperature increases significantly, the heating time becomes longer, the hot water is cold and hot, the water output decreases, the operation sound of the wall mounted boiler increases, and there will be abnormal noise from time to time, it is time to clean the wall mounted boiler. These are important signals. In fact, the biggest factor affecting the heating effect and service life of wall mounted furnace is dirt and corrosion.

  If the residual impurities in the gas wall cannot be cleaned, resulting in scaling in the heat exchanger, the rotating speed of the circulating water pump of the wall mounted boiler will be reduced or even stuck for a long time, so the pressure of the circulating water pump will be increased. It will also lead to insufficient heating of the wall mounted boiler, cold and hot when using hot water, increased gas consumption, reduced amount of hot water, etc., which will cause great damage to the wall mounted boiler.

  We can clean the outer wall of the gas wall hanging furnace with a clean rag; As there are many impurities in artificial gas and liquefied gas, and there are many oil stains, it is particularly easy to block the nozzle, so it is necessary to clean the combustion chamber of the wall mounted furnace; Household tap water contains a lot of impurities, so it is necessary to change the water and clean it up; The heating pipeline is the main channel for water transmission, so we should pay more attention when cleaning.

  In addition to cleaning the wall mounted furnace, some tips can also prolong the service life. If the gas wall mounted boiler is not used for a long time, turn off the power supply, but make sure to turn on the boiler power switch once a month to prevent the water pump from rusting; Cover the equipment with dust cover to reduce the damage of dust to the equipment; When it is not used temporarily in winter, the power supply cannot be cut off, which will affect the anti freezing function.